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Vesta Series Ovens

Continuous Oven Roasters

The Myra Corporate Roaster Manufacturing Division, specialises in the
Design and Manufacture of Tailored roasting Solutions. The VESTA Series of Roasters are proudly
designed and manufactured in Australia for Domestic and International markets.



In Roman mythology the Goddess of fire and the hearth was VESTA and her symbol was the
perpetual fire. Known as the patroness of bakers, VESTA was worshipped and honoured
daily at mealtimes as residents gathered around the hearth. The VESTA© Series Roaster
reignites the fire of the goddess in a modern package that upholds her impressive reputation.

The VESTA© series of continuous oven roasters, are designed primarily for the nut, seed and
coffee industries with features that extend beyond those of conventional roasting systems.
Myra Corporate uses the equipment it designs and manufactures. VESTA© technology is
tested in commercial environments, primarily with macadamia nuts. Features are constantly
under development, to improve product quality and production efficiency.


Specialising in tailored roasting Solutions.

Proudly designed and manufactured in Australia.